Musical Journey: Best Songs About Rome

Musical Journey: Best Songs About Rome

Rome is not only one of the most visited cities in the world, but also one of the cities with most mentions in poems and songs. Because music and travel are two of my biggest passions, I thought I would combine them to create the perfect playlist for visiting the Eternal City.

First of all, if you’re thinking about visiting Rome, take a moment to check out 10 of the best things to do and see in Rome. You need to get a little familiar with the city beforehand, because in addition to the list of songs, there are also recommendations on where to listen to each one of them. Now, let’s get into it!

1. Jim James – You Get To Rome

You get to Rome!

Need a push to start your trip to Rome? This song will basically command you. Listen to its wise words.

2. Toto – Spanish Steps

And then it occurred to me
Suddenly I was standing there alone
On the Spanish Steps of Rome

A song about an unfulfilled love that started on the Spanish Steps of Rome, it’s a good idea to go at the exact spot and imagine the story pictured by the lyrics.

3. Dean Martin – On An Evening In Roma (Sott’er Celo De Roma)

Down each avenue or via, street or strada
You can see ’em disappearing two by two
On an evening in Roma

Sung half in Italian, half in English, this song will get you in a romantic mood in seconds. Whether you travel to Rome solo or with bae, find a good place for people-watching and play Dean Martin’s song. As a side note, Michael Bublé also has a good cover of this song. If you’re already at the Spanish Steps because you listened to the previous song, climb them all the way up and stop in front of Trinità dei Monti church to have a nice view over the city and the people strolling on the streets below. Bonus points if you arrive there around sunset. After all, the song is about an evening in Rome.

4. Tony Bennett – Autumn In Rome

All my Decembers I’ll spend just dreaming of the way we fell in love
One lovely Autumn in Rome

It doesn’t matter in which season you visit Rome, this song will take you down the memory lane every time you’ll hear it. Personally, it will always remind me of the long walks in Villa Borghese, one of Rome’s most beautiful parks. If you want to hear this song brought to life in a feminine voice, look for the version sung by Peggy Lee.

5. Morcheeba – Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

One fine day, we’ll fly away,
Don’t you know that Rome wasn’t built in a day

Ok, this is not exactly a song about Rome, but rather a song with a reference of Rome. Nevertheless, I love this band and also love the happy vibe of this tune. The title is a good reminder that all good things take time and effort, so be patient when working for your dreams, because not even Rome was built in a day.

6. Frank Sinatra – Three Coins In The Fountain

Three hearts in the fountain
Each heart longing for its home
There they lie in the fountain
Somewhere in the heart of Rome

This is a timeless song about the tradition to toss coins in the fountain to be granted wishes. It doesn’t specifically mention Fontana di Trevi, but it’s obvious. Listening to this song while standing in front of the fountain will make you wonder what are the stories of the people around you and what are they secretly hoping for in exchange for a coin. Also, there is a movie with the same name, go check it out!

7. Elvis Presley – Heart of Rome

Hold me very close before you leave me
La la la la la, somewhere in the heart of Rome

Rome is once again the setting for another love story to unfurl. It’s about a lover that is sad about his sweetheart leaving the city. Because the song is called “Heart of Rome”, I’d say the perfect place to listen to this song would be the area around the Colosseum and Roman Forum. If that’s not the heart of Rome, I don’t know what is.

8. Super Furry Animals – Roman Road

The Roman road
It’s a line to the past and a road to Rome

This song is about a Roman road, without giving further details. But I think I’m not the only one who automatically thinks about the ancient Appian Way, which survived the test of time and can still be seen in our days.

9. Shawn Colvin – Fall Of Rome

Maybe a message is coming to you
In the middle of nowhere from out of the blue
Then cross the dark distance and lay down your guns
For Rome it has fallen
And morning has begun

The Rome reference in this song is just a metaphor for those hard times in life, but you can play the song while you’re still at the Roman Forum. Although that place has seen the fall of Rome, it’s still standing tall, reminding us of the glorious place it once was. Therefore, a fall doesn’t have to mean an end.

10. Mario Lanza – The Seven Hills Of Rome

The world is old but love is new
And when in Rome your heart will tell you what to do

According to the legend, Rome was founded on seven hills: Aventin Hill, Caelian Hill, Palatine Hill, Capitoline Hill, Esquiline Hill, Viminal Hill and Quirinal Hill. You can play this song on any or all of them. As the lyrics say, when in Rome your heart will tell you what to do.

11. Synaulia – La Musica Dell’Antica Roma (Ancient Roman Music)

Aaaaaa (Because probably Romans didn’t fancy songs with lyrics)

A dark, mysterious song, that has the power to transform the surrounding reality and take you back in time, 2000 years ago. The song recreates what ancient Romans actually listened to. Give it a listen inside the Pantheon or Sant’Angelo Castle, both locations have an appealing mystic vibe.

12. Petula Clark – Romance in Rome

Romance in Rome, Eternal City of joy

A sweet, timeless song about the Eternal City. As you can see, Rome inspired a lot of love songs and this is another relevant example. Roam the streets aimlessly and you’ll find beauty and joy everywhere you look.

13. The Ethiopians – Knowledge is Power

It is funny to live in Rome and to stay with the Pope

After so many romance songs, let’s try something a little bit different. This reggae tune talks about the joys of living in Rome, where the Pope also lives. You already know what’s the best place to play this song, right? Vatican all the way!

14. Robbie Williams – Rome Munich Rome

Rome Munich Rome
Pack your bags, take me home

Yeah, baby! Finally, some rock and roll! A song about switching cities, having fun, spending money, loving people and feeling lonely. All in one. Just like it happens in real life.

15. Sheryl Crow – The Book

I’ll always remember 
Three days in Rome

Rome is a city you will never forget. Period. Enjoy your time there and then look back and cherish your memories.

16. Il Volo – Arrivederci Roma

Arrivederci, Roma
Goodbye, goodbye to Rome
City of a million moon lit faces
City of a million warm embraces

What a beautiful way to say goodbye to Rome! Like they say, all good things must come to an end, but there’s nothing stopping you to return to it someday, right?

17. Frank Black and the Catholics – Back to Rome

One day, baby, without warning
Well, I tend to think
We’re going back to Rome

Of course you’ll want to return. You know what they say: All roads lead to Rome. And the memories you made in the Eternal City will probably help you take one of those roads again.

18. Swonson Family – Ti Amo Roma

Ti Amo Roma, bellissima Roma!

This song was actually sent recently by one of my readers (which is also one if the artists behind this song), and I thought it would be a good fit in my list. Do you agree?

Now I want to know: Which song is your favorite? I’ll keep searching for the best songs about Rome, to further expand this list, so which genre would you like to hear most? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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