About Me

The concept behind this blog

I am inspired everyday by the places I see, by the people I meet and the experiences I have. This blog was brought to life by the need to express and share my ways of exploring the world, but also the ways of improving my own self.In other words, if you’ll keep browsing through my posts, you will find the places I’ve been, the photos I took, I’ll even give you the perfect soundtrack for a specific travel session or tell you about the book that inspired my next destination.

My goals

I love to travel, no matter how close or how far, no matter if it’s for a day or a month. I like to go where the road takes me, discovering the things that aren’t normally on the itinerary. If you are curious by nature like me, you probably want more than just a destination where everyone else has already been. Or maybe you just want another perspective of a classic destination. Either way, you are in the right place. You will find all that and more.So let’s start our journey together. Dream, smile and be inspired to explore the world!

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