Help! I want to travel. How to start?

Help! I want to travel. How to start?

“I want to travel the world. When and how should I start?”. That’s a question I keep hearing a lot. The reason so many people are wondering the same thing is because it isn’t an easy question. Most travel blog answer with: “Don’t let anything condition you. Forget about everything and travel!”, but let’s be serious for a second. Things are not really like that. If you’re young you probably don’t have obligations. But you don’t have money either. If you’re 40+ you most likely have the money, but don’t have the freedom and energy of youth. Still, everybody knows people similar to their social and economic status who still manage to travel. Admit it. You’re thinking about a few persons right now. They don’t earn more than you, don’t have more time in their hands or less obligations. How do they do it then?

Set your priorities

Stop for a second to ask yourself: What is most important to you right now? Is it to travel or is it to finish your studies, to start a family, to save money for a car or a house? Your first instinct may be to choose travel, but make sure it is not just a wish rather than a priority. If you really, really want to travel, ask yourself what’s stopping you? Is it money, time, family obligations, fear? What’s your excuse?

The fun thing is that I’ve been one of those people that kept complaining that I don’t travel enough, while making excuses non stop. Although my dream has always been to travel the world, many times I’ve lost important opportunities. Tomorrow seemed like a better idea, because I thought that tomorrow I’ll have it all figured out. Truth is, time passed and regrets piled up. So here’s what I’ve learned over the years.

Money will always be a problem

You feel like today you don’t have enough money and you keep postponing your vacation, waiting for things to change? It’s maybe the most common thought, but it leads nowhere. You don’t need a large amount of money to see the world, you just have to be willing to find alternatives and make compromises. Look for cheaper accommodation, make early reservations, buy a vacation package… the possibilities are almost endless.

Time is a limited resource

I know, you have a busy life, but that doesn’t have to stop you. Organizing and prioritizing your schedule will help you find time to travel. Make the most out of the weekend time, holidays and take advantage of any legal day off. When you’re short on time, try to be on the move as much as you can. Do your research, find the sights that you’re interested in, choose a route that best connects the dots and don’t stay in one place more that necessary.

Travel with your loved ones

You’re afraid your friends and family will feel neglected if you travel too often? Take them with you whenever you can or at least from time to time, even if you might enjoy solo travel more.

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Once you have a destination in mind, find people around you that might be interested in it. Travelling is a great way of making memories and bonding with your loved ones. Even if they won’t be as enthusiastic as you are about travelling, keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own dreams and passions. Let them follow theirs, but at the same time don’t give up on yours!

Write your own story

Think about it: if your life up until now would be a novel, would it be a best seller? Would you be interested in reading that book? If the answer is no, then there’s a problem, but travelling will change that. Be adventurous, spontaneous, successful! Don’t let anyone get you down because you don’t live by their rules. Make time to travel, write your own story, choose your own character, improve everyday and try to make a difference in the world!

Be positive

While travelling, you get to do many awesome things. Unless fear takes over. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to feel fear, it’s an instinct that kept us safe through millions of years, but sometimes you need to let go. Think of all the experiences you will miss in this life because of fear: you won’t climb that mountain peak you wanted, you won’t explore that cave that you found by accident, you won’t go to a safari and the list can go on. Be positive, take chances, make decisions and create unforgettable memories.

Time to travel

Now it’s time to make your dreams come true. You have the right to be happy but you need to put effort in order to make it happen. Remember: We travel not to escape life, but the life not to escape us.

Bon voyage!

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Nadine Cathleen
7 years ago

Totally agree! You just have to do it! Just save some money, book your ticket and then you are committed. From then on it just works on its own :)

Aseel Issa
7 years ago

I’m in the most need for a vacation, but put your finger on the source of problem, money, time, partner.
I’ll try to take your advice and make it work before the summer is over.
Thanks for sharing.

7 years ago

I totally agree. Everyone said I couldn’t do it and for four years I believed them until I finally got fed up with being miserable. I was a broke college student when I left, but that just goes to show, like you said, traveling is possible for everyone. (: great post!