When You Travel, You Sometimes Travel Through Time

Time travel

You love to travel? Of course you do, since you’re here. As you probably know by now, you’re awesome, but what you didn’t know is that you kinda are a time traveler too. If you’re wondering why, check out the reasons below. Here are some words for travel lovers that will give you the impulse to hit the road again.

Historical tourism

When I hear about a new place, I always check it’s history. Therefore, when I get to visit it, I know where to go and what’s to be seen. If you’re just like me, then you are a time traveler. With just a little imagination, when visiting an old city you can go back to it’s days of glory or visualize it’s days of turbulence. Everything has a story worth listening, telling, remembering, and you can keep it alive just by acknowledging it and passing it on.

In certain occasions, I found myself so absorbed with the surroundings, that my mind completely refused to stay anchored in the present. By travelling, I learned to connect with the world history and to better understand past happenings. If I had to choose just one word to express the feeling of being taken in the past when travelling, I would say “catharsis”. That’s because being in a historical place fills me with so much emotion that it makes me lose and find myself at the same time.

Nature tourism

Nature tourism can help you time travel, too. For example, natural parks and reservations are focused on conserving wild, endangered and endemic species, geological formations and special landscapes. Visiting them will give you an insight into the ways time works, either in nature’s advantage or in it’s disadvantage. There are ways to determine the history of a place, even by looking at a rock or examining the different layers of a steep slope.

In an well conserved area you sometimes feel taken back in time. That’s what I felt when I went to Nerei Gorges – Beusnita National Park. Trying to imagine the whole world at this level of beautiful wilderness amazed me. If you’ve been there or to another similar place, I’m sure you can relate.

Forever young

Travel has a special effect on people and that is making them happier. It’s well known that life on the road reduces stress and improves life quality. More than that, when travelling you get to exercise a lot: roaming a new city far and wide, walking along a shoreline, climbing a mountain. It’s all gonna help you stay in shape.

On the other hand, travel usually alters the sense of time. Those who are settled in one place, see the same people and have the same activity everyday are much more likely to have the feeling that time is slipping through their fingers, whereas travelers experience time differently. Just try to remember how slowly a day passed when you were a child. That’s because children experience something new almost everyday, without the time pressure. When on vacation, it’s almost like you go back in time to experience that feeling all over again.

Even if it’s mostly a matter of perception, a traveler will feel that his/her mind and body are younger and healthier. And who doesn’t want to look 25 when they are actually 35? So now you know the secret of youth. If you believe in the benefits of travel as much as I do, share the word to inspire others too.

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7 years ago

You are a great writer!

7 years ago

I could not agree more, I strongly believe that we are not made to belong in one place, we are made to travel, share explore. Absolutely loved this post.

Nadine Smith (Scenes From Nadine)

Traveling really does change you or impact your life significantly! It can definitely make you healthier, smarter, and more open-minded!

7 years ago

I totally agree that traveling makes us healthier people. I also like the connection you made to how we experience time as frequent travelers. Great read!

7 years ago

Great post! So true thar travellunf makes you experience time differently for me it feels like the days are longer

Amy | Toothbrush Travels

That’s one of the best parts about travelling, is revisiting times you may not have otherwise seen, and so often there’s so may places as such which are close to you! I recently explored a local open air museum which has houses from various different centuries in and it’s amazing to see the differences in architecture and tools that we now have! xo

Jasmin N
7 years ago

That sounds pretty amazing!

<3: Jasmin N

Jane @style404
7 years ago

Clever theme :)

~love from http://www.style404.com