Sfanta Ana Lake – The Only Crater Lake In Romania

Sfanta Ana Lake – The Only Crater Lake In Romania

Saint Anne Lake (Romanian: Lacul Sfânta Ana): the only lake in Romania that formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. As a Romanian girl, I found out about Saint Anne Lake at an early age, in my Geography classes, but because as a child I didn’t get to travel too much, I never got to see it, but that changed last year, when I planned to spend Easter in Balvanyos, a resort only 25 km away from the lake. If you’re thinking about visiting it too, here’s what you need to know about it:

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Ochiul Beiului Lake, Beusnita Waterfall and Bigar Waterfall – wilderness and marvel

Ochiul Beiului Lake

We tend to travel to places that we can easily find or where we can easily get to, ignoring the fact that we can miss so many hidden treasures of the world. For those of you who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and want to see what it really means to be breathless, I have the perfect destination for you, located in Romania – Ochiul Beiului Lake (Romanian: Lacul Ochiul Beiului). This amazing part of the world also has other natural beauties for you, such as Beusnita Waterfall (Cascada Beusnita)The Devil’s Lake (Lacul Dracului) and Bigar Waterfall (Cascada Bigar). Read more