How Safe Is Hungary For Tourists?

How Safe Is Hungary For Tourists?

Like most other countries in Europe, Hungary is generally considered safe for travelers. This article aims to discuss the main variables that are taken into consideration when creating a safety index for a country. Therefore, this article will most likely answer all the questions regarding how safe Hungary is and how to minimize risks in this European country. We will take into account global peace index, crime rates, acts of terrorism, and in the light of new events, COVID-19 regulations and number of cases.

General travel advice

It’s a good idea to be familiar with local laws and customs as well as to have travel insurance protection in case anything unexpected happens.

One of the best things you can do to ensure your safety while traveling is to educate oneself. Do some research about the destinations you want to go to and the things you want to do. A copy of your passport, ID, and other essential documents should always be carried with you, along with knowledge of the local emergency contact numbers.

Global Peace Index

According to Vision of Humanity website, Hungary hold the 13th place in the world’s safest countries in 2022. That’s really impressive, considering that it outranks other European countries like Belgium. The index takes into account not one, but 25 different variables like military expenditure, access to weapons or political instability to calculate the ranks.

Crime rates

The level of crime is generally low in Hungary. It’s safe to walk on the streets both during the day and during the night. According to Numbeo, there has been a reported increase in criminality in the past few years, this is mostly associated with property crimes, such as vandalism and theft. Corruption and bribery also spike the numbers up, but all these problems are rarely life-threatening and usually don’t affect tourists.

What to do: It’s a good idea to keep your valuables, such as passports and wallets, in a secure location when visiting Hungary. Pick-pocketing can be an issue in busy places, including on public transit and in popular tourist destinations. Be aware of your surroundings and always keep your possessions near to you to prevent becoming a target.

Traffic accidents

Hungary’s traffic is a mild source of safety concern. Due to the relatively large number of traffic accidents in the country, it’s crucial to exercise caution when crossing the street and use seat belts whenever you’re behind the wheel or riding in a car.


There are no reported acts of terrorism in the recent history of Hungary. Although an attack cannot be ruled out, there are no real reasons to worry. Therefore, Hungary is considered to be very safe from this point of view.

Risk for diseases

There are no serious diseases that would post a high risk for travelers, although if you plan on doing many outdoor activities, you should consider TBE (Tick-borne Encephalitis) vaccine. If you think you might have encounters with wild animals, rabies vaccination could be an option. The COVID-19 vaccine is also strongly recommended to all travelers visiting Hungary. Check other recommendations from CDC for visiting Hungary.

In conclusion, Hungary is generally regarded as a safe destination for tourists, but it is always vital to exercise caution and keep up with current events to guarantee a safe and pleasurable trip.

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