St. Dimitrii of Basarbovo Monastery – the only active rock monastery in Bulgaria

St. Dimitrii of Basarbovo Monastery is the only active carved in rock monastery in Bulgaria. It is located in the valley of Rusenski Lom river, just 10 kilometers away from Rousse (Ruse). If you are transiting between Romania and Bulgaria, this is a sight that is totally worth a small detour.

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10 fascinating facts that you might not know about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country located in southeastern Europe, that is yet fairly unknown to travelers. That’s why I thought I would make a list of the most interesting facts linked with this country, hoping that something about it would spark your interest to find out more. Be ready to enter a land of long history, natural beauties, cultural curiosities and amazing food with these 10 facts about Bulgaria. Here we go.

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Bucharest Christmas Market

Everywhere I look, I see bloggers praising the German Christmas Markets. This year I’ve visited two of them myself (Berlin and Potsdam), but turns out Romania has a better alternative this year: Bucharest Christmas Market. Don’t worry if you never heard of it so far, the truth is that until this year it wasn’t really worth mentioning. Now things have changed, including it’s location, size and number of integrated activities.

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Conquering Piatra Mare Peak

Piatra Mare Massif is located south of the Brasov Depression. It’s well known in Romania for it’s many tourist trails, steep slopes and perfect spots for panoramic views. It’s highest peak, also called Piatra Mare, is 1843m. Reaching it is not really a walk in the park, it requires time and effort, but I guarantee that in the end it’s all worthed.

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Day trip to the Seven Ladders Canyon

The Seven Ladders Canyon (Romanian: Canionul Sapte Scari) is the perfect destination for all of you adrenaline junkies! Conveniently located near Brasov (Romania), you can hike into the canyon just by taking a one day trip. You may ask where does the name come from. Simple: The hike within the canyon is facilitated by a series of metal stairs and platforms. Initially there were seven stairs, hence the name. After it’s recent and complete restoration back in 2013, two more stairs were added to the track, but the name didn’t change.

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Make the most of your visit at Milan Cathedral

You seen it countless times in artistic and architectural photos, in documentaries, in travel guides and in photo galleries of world’s landmarks. It’s the third largest Christian church in the world, and one of the easiest to recognize – yes, I’m talking about the Milan Duomo, also known as The Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente (St Mary of the Nativity) or simply The Milan Cathedral. This cathedral was the main reason I wanted to visit Milan, so I did a lot of research before going. But I soon found out that my research was almost useless. Nobody told me about the things below, so I thought I must share them with you. Take notes and thank me later :)

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Picnic inside a Bulgarian medieval fortress

Wanderlust took over me once again, so I decided to make a quick getaway for a weekend. This time I chose Bulgaria as my destination, making the trip my third visit to this country. But I must say, this was my favorite from them all. As I have a soft spot for medieval cities, I decided to see the ‘City of the Tsars’, Veliko Tarnovo. This was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire and is one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. Moreover, it has an incredible stronghold – Tsarevets Fortress – which I just had to see!

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Famous sculptures of Constantin Brancusi

February 19th is declared a national holiday in Romania. This year we celebrate 140 years since the birth of one of the most influential figures for further development of modern sculpture: Constantin Brancusi. Because he was born in a small village in Romania, Hobitza, I decided to do a “treasure hunting” and find where his sculptures are located in his country of origin. The output of my research was a little surprising. Only a few cities in Romania hold his works of art. I chose two of them, Targu Jiu and Bucharest .

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