Smart packing ideas from a backpack lover

I get it. You’re tired of wasting money on extra luggage and ruining your vacation by having to carry around heavy suitcases. So you want to end the torment and learn how to travel light and smart. If you ask me, that’s a very subjective topic. There are many types of travellers, and for each type packing light can mean different things. For luxury travelers “light” can mean 2 medium sized suitcases and a large handbag, but for backpackers it means… well, just a small or medium backpack.

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10 ways to discover a new city

Whether you’re going in a city break, planning a long vacation or moving in a whole new city, learning your ways around and getting used to the new scenery can be a stressful transition. And I’m sure you’ve heard tons of suggestions so far, but they are often too general and sound something like: “Get out more”. Well, that not enough, is it?

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2016: Year in review

Phew! That was quite a year! Many things happened in 2016, but although most people hated it, mainly for the unfortunate world events, I personally considered it a good year. Sure, it had it’s downfalls, but that’s just how life happens to be. Let’s focus on the positive stuff. When it comes to travel, I accomplished more than I hoped for. I discovered lots of new destinations and revisited many familiar places.

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8 ways to create a more effective vision board

Humans have lots of flaws. In all kind of aspects of our lives we are often slack, forgetful, lazy. We lose focus. That’s probably the main cause of failure for most people. So what I’m about to suggest not only applies for traveling purposes, but also for all the things in your life that you want to achieve. Here’s what you have to do.

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Is there a perfect time to travel?

Is there a perfect time to travel? I get asked this question a lot and the answer is no. That’s why you should take any chance you have and make the most of it. I am sure you wondered more than once how some people manage to travel a lot even if their life is similar to yours? They don’t earn more than you, don’t have more time in their hands or less obligations. Well, it’s simple. They just live everyday with a golden rule in mind: Carpe Diem! This is all the motivation you should need to pack your bags and go travel.

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