An honest opinion about Berlin: Expectations vs. Reality

When it comes to travel, the inconsistency between expectations and reality is more common than you think. There is a number of reasons why our perception of a destination can be altered even before we get there. The media can highlight the worst of it, while travel bloggers might tend to paint a non-realistic, overly positive image of it. Then, there are the prejudices that society makes sure to assign to every nation in the world.

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My first international solo trip experience

Recently I told you a story from 5 years ago about fighting my fears and traveling solo to another city for a music festival. That was an important milestone for me because it marked the moment I earned my first solo travel badge. Since then, I became more and more confident to have other small getaways in all corners of the country. So confident that one day the idea of going on my first international solo trip popped into my head and irremediably sticked with me.

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Storytime: How I rocked my battle with anxiety and earned my solo travel badge

I love telling stories from my travels And I realized I have lots of them already. So starting now, I will share my happy moments, my sad moments, my achievements, my fears, my tips and tricks that I learned along the way and why not, I will rant about various things that caught my attention over time.

This week I will start by discussing a secret of mine that has the shape of a fear. I am sure many travelers face or faced at some point this dark demon: anxiety. I know that it comes in many forms, but I will talk about one in particular: the fear of traveling solo.

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