Romanian phrases translated word-for-word in English

Romanian language is a never ending pool of idioms and popular phrases. This nation will never cease to amaze me when it comes to its creative capacity and secular wisdom that is reflected by Romanian’s way to speak. Talking with the people that live in the rural areas of the country made me burst into laughter so many times, just for this reason. Then I thought, what would it be if some expressions were translated in English… word-for-word? Well, see it for yourself. Continue reading “Romanian phrases translated word-for-word in English”

An honest opinion about Berlin: Expectations vs. Reality

When it comes to travel, the inconsistency between expectations and reality is more common than you think. There is a number of reasons why our perception of a destination can be altered even before we get there. The media can highlight the worst of it, while travel bloggers might tend to paint a non-realistic, overly positive image of it. Then, there are the prejudices that society makes sure to assign to every nation in the world.

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My first international solo trip experience

Recently I told you a story from 5 years ago about fighting my fears and traveling solo to another city for a music festival. That was an important milestone for me because it marked the moment I earned my first solo travel badge. Since then, I became more and more confident to have other small getaways in all corners of the country. So confident that one day the idea of going on my first international solo trip popped into my head and irremediably sticked with me.

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Storytime: How I rocked my battle with anxiety and earned my solo travel badge

I love telling stories from my travels And I realized I have lots of them already. So starting now, I will share my happy moments, my sad moments, my achievements, my fears, my tips and tricks that I learned along the way and why not, I will rant about various things that caught my attention over time.

This week I will start by discussing a secret of mine that has the shape of a fear. I am sure many travelers face or faced at some point this dark demon: anxiety. I know that it comes in many forms, but I will talk about one in particular: the fear of traveling solo.

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10 ways to discover a new city

Whether you’re going in a city break, planning a long vacation or moving in a whole new city, learning your ways around and getting used to the new scenery can be a stressful transition. And I’m sure you’ve heard tons of suggestions so far, but they are often too general and sound something like: “Get out more”. Well, that not enough, is it?

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2016: Year in review

Phew! That was quite a year! Many things happened in 2016, but although most people hated it, mainly for the unfortunate world events, I personally considered it a good year. Sure, it had it’s downfalls, but that’s just how life happens to be. Let’s focus on the positive stuff. When it comes to travel, I accomplished more than I hoped for. I discovered lots of new destinations and revisited many familiar places.

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Bucharest Christmas Market

Everywhere I look, I see bloggers praising the German Christmas Markets. This year I’ve visited two of them myself (Berlin and Potsdam), but turns out Romania has a better alternative this year: Bucharest Christmas Market. Don’t worry if you never heard of it so far, the truth is that until this year it wasn’t really worth mentioning. Now things have changed, including it’s location, size and number of integrated activities.

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Conquering Piatra Mare Peak

Piatra Mare Massif is located south of the Brasov Depression. It’s well known in Romania for it’s many tourist trails, steep slopes and perfect spots for panoramic views. It’s highest peak, also called Piatra Mare, is 1843m. Reaching it is not really a walk in the park, it requires time and effort, but I guarantee that in the end it’s all worthed.

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Day trip to the Seven Ladders Canyon

The Seven Ladders Canyon (Romanian: Canionul Sapte Scari) is the perfect destination for all of you adrenaline junkies! Conveniently located near Brasov (Romania), you can hike into the canyon just by taking a one day trip. You may ask where does the name come from. Simple: The hike within the canyon is facilitated by a series of metal stairs and platforms. Initially there were seven stairs, hence the name. After it’s recent and complete restoration back in 2013, two more stairs were added to the track, but the name didn’t change.

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